Cremation Services

Cremation is one form of final disposition for the deceased. Its most basic definition is a process of reducing the human body to bone fragments by flame and heat. These bone fragments are referred to as cremated remains or "ashes".

A request for cremation refers only to the manner in which your loved one has chosen to deal with their physical remains. The decision for cremation does not limit the ways you can honor your loved one's life. We suggest that you have a funeral or memorial service because such services provide an opportunity to create a healing experience. The type of service options are limited only by your imagination and our staff is here to assist you in creating a unique and memorable tribute to your loved one.

For those considering cremation, we suggest you ask your funeral director the following questions: What crematory do you use? There are two crematories in Broome County - one on Chenango St. in Binghamton (City Cremations) and one off of Main St. in Endicott (Twin Tiers Cremation Service - per state law crematories can only accept a body from a licensed funeral director and a registered funeral home. Crematories in New York DO NOT directly serve individual consumers). 

Several local funeral homes use out of state crematories in Pennsylvania, sometimes even using a third party transfer service to deliver the deceased to the crematory. We use City Cremations in Binghamton, where we can observe the process and assure they adhere to the best standards of operating procedures. We also personally deliver the deceased to the crematory. We do not entrust your loved one to third party transportation services. Our promise to you is that we personally participate in every step of the process to ensure everything is done properly.

When inquiring as to cost, some funeral homes have a two-tiered structure. If you pay more, they will assist with placing obituaries, scheduling services, contacting veterans or fraternal clubs for services, scheduling burial, assisting you with insurance or social security benefits. If you pay less, they will not help you with those matters. At Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home we never tell you what we won't do; we tell you what we will do, and that is to assist you in meeting all your a fair price.

The staff at Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home are experts on cremation and will gladly answer any question you have pertaining to cremation. A few common questions are listed below:

No, a casket is not required for cremation. All that is required by state law is an alternative container (such as a rigid cardboard or plywood box). You may however select a cremation service that involves using a casket for a visitation or funeral service prior to cremation taking place.

No. In New York State, no state or local law requires embalming. You may however choose a service that may require embalming for viewing or if there will be an extended time between the time of death and cremation.

Yes, immediate family members may briefly view the deceased prior to cremation. The deceased is usually first washed, dressed and prepared for viewing.

There are many options. Remains can be buried in a cemetery lot or cremation garden, placed in a columbarium, kept at home, or scattered on private property. We also offer ocean scattering. Our staff will explain these options with you and make any arrangements you request.

The Hopler & Eschbach Funeral Home and the crematory we use have developed a rigorous set of operating policies and procedures. Each person involved with providing the cremation double checks the identity of the deceased as each step of the process occurs. Positive identification of the deceased is assured throughout each stage of the cremation process using a unique stainless steel ID tag system and assigned numerical paperwork accompanying the same.

You can also ask your funeral director if they personally deliver your loved one to the crematory or if they utilize a third party to take them to an out of state crematory.  In Broome County there are two crematories that both adhere to the highest professional standards and practices there is no need to use an out of state crematory. The two local crematories are located on Chenango St in Binghamton and on Main St. in Endicott. Any other facility representing themself as a crematory is not being truthful.

It depends on the size and weight of the individual. For an average size adult, cremation takes from two to three hours at normal operating temperature between 1,500 degrees F to 2,000 degrees F.

Cremated remains resemble coarse sand and are whitish to light gray in color. The remains of an average size adult usually weigh between four to six pounds.

With the exception of minute and microscopic particles, which are impossible to remove from the cremation chamber and processing machine, all of the cremated remains are given back to the family.

An urn is not required by law. However, an urn may be desired if there is to be a memorial service or the remains are to be interred in a cemetery. If an urn is not purchased through us, or provided by the family, the cremated remains will be returned in a temporary cardboard container.

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